AutoSky North Crew

Russell Wallace

Pilot in Charge

Russell has been the Pilot in Charge of AutoSky North since setting up the business in July 2017. He has been flying drones for many years and has piloted model aircraft for most of his life. With 35 years experience working in investigations with a focus on technology Russell knows what is required of the UAV industry with regards to both risk management and the needs of the client. Russell is passionate about UAV technology and technology in general. He has worked for many years in the forensic analysis of computer based data which has allowed him to fully appreciate the skills required to gather, collect and present video and other data that has been collected and processed through the use of drone technology.

Sue Wallace


Sue is our observer and is trained to assist our pilot with all our safety and procedural requirements. Depending on the assignment we will include an observer for safety and practical reasons. Sometimes it may also be necessary to include additional spotters for the management of the location and members of the public.

Safety First

UAV's (or drones which the media like to call them) receive a lot of negative press. The point is that these amazing machines can do so much to make our life easier and to assist in our day to day work. UAV's when managed accordingly can provide great aerial camera work that was once only possible through the use of expensive helicopters or fixed winged aircraft. At a fraction of the cost UAV's can capture breathtaking footage of all kinds of objects, structures and landmarks. However just like full sized aircraft UAV's need to be controlled in a responsible manner recognising the fact that they have the potential to cause problems if there is a loss of control or an accident. At AutoSky North we take our responsibilities seriously and ensure that every assignment is managed responsibly taking into account all potential risks and hazards which could put you or the public at risk. All jobs conducted by AutoSky North involve a full risk assessment and acknowledgement of any potential factors which could put the assignment at risk. We will only conduct work where we are satisfied that the work can be conducted legally, safely and with a minimum of risk to persons in the vicinity. All our flights are logged with a full audit trail of the work that we do which is available to the Civil Aviation Authority upon request.