Straight forward and competitive prices

While we understand that each job is different and that we will need to fully appreciate that the tasks involved we also understand that clients do want to have an idea of what costs are and how they will be calculated.

Once we provide a quote we will conduct all work on a fixed fee basis as stated in our Engagement Agreement. This fixed fee is inclusive of the following:

  • All Risk Management
  • All hours required to complete the assignment such as preparation, filming, editing and production
  • All data processing with regards to mapping
  • Supply of video/photographs and/or mapping outputs on a USB thumb drive or hosted on Vimeo or other platforms as required.

We will not charge you:

  • Extra hours incurred due to bad weather or technical issues
  • Travel time and/or travel costs (within 100 miles of Harrogate) for the first day of travel (however additional days are charged at £0.45 per mile)
  • Upfront fees or any deposit prior to starting work

Every assignment will differ due to the complexity and the preparation required. We must also operate within acceptable limits and in compliance with our Permission for Commercial Operations as directed by the CAA.

Please note that we can only accept work subject to the findings of our preliminary risk assessment. Some assignments may not be possible due to a number of risk factors such as the proximity of roads, airports, public areas, prisons or other high risk factors.

Assignment Costs

All costs are charged on an hourly or a daily basis. The decision on whether an observer and additional spotters is required will be dependent upon our risk assessment.

  • Risk assessment and preparation £50.00 per hour
  • Pilot only per hour - £50.00
  • Pilot and observer per hour - £62.50
  • Pilot only per half day (4 hours) - £195.00
  • Pilot and observer per half day (4 hours) - £230.00
  • Pilot only per day (8 hours) - £380.00
  • Pilot and observer per day (8 hours) - £450.00
  • Video editing per hour - £35.00
  • Data processing per hour - £35.00
  • Additional spotters per hour - £15.00